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Do you have a group of similar cartoons? Upload it here! Follow the instructions below.

1. RENAME your group of cartoons, in ENGLISH, according to the MODEL and INSTRUCTIONS shown below.

similargroup axe butterfly tunin russia 1989 turcios colombia 2017 jalali iran 2017

Untitled photo


All words should be written with a small letter, with space between them.

You can write in the name of the cartoon-group other words describing the drawing, whatever you want.

The cartoon-group should must have a resolution of 120-150 dpi.

The words you wrote in the name of the cartoon-group will be automatically transformed in keywords. So please try to write as accurately as possible in English, respecting these instructions. Thank you!

2. Click the link below

3. Click "Browse Computer"

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4. Choose your cartoons-group (RGB, JPG or PNG format) and then click "Open"

Untitled photo

5. Click "DONE"...

Untitled photo

... And you will see your similar cartoons loaded into the "Similar Cartoons" gallery.

Untitled photo

Thank you for your support!

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