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New Cartoon Book or Catalog? New Magazine? New Contest? New Personal Exhibition? New Cartoon Site? Send us your news! Steps:

1. Click the link below

2. Click "Browse Computer"

3. From your computer, choose your "news" in image format (RGB, JPG or PNG) and then click "Open"

4. After the image(s) is loaded, click "DONE"...

... and you will see your "news" loaded into the "What's New (Tranzit)" gallery.

5. Below the image post a comment with details about your news (first sign in with Facebook or Google+). At the end, write your name (only if you want) and click on the POST button. DONE!

Thank you for your great effort! Your news will soon appear in the gallery What's New.

If you can not send us your news through this page, write to humodeva@gmail.com .

The most active collaborators will be co-opted in the Best CARTOONS team.

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