PAVEL Constantin, Romania - C(aricat)urriculum Vitae -

Born in 1951.

Made about 10 animated films.

Illustrated books of humorous literature.

Grand Prizes: Costinesti, Braila (twice), Vaslui, Seoul (Korea, twice), Tokyo (Hidezo Kondo Prize).

First Prizes: Tokyo, Montreal, Vercelli, Shanghai, Lubben (Germany), Echternach (Luxembourg), Wolfsberg (Austria), Sintra (Portugal), Barcelona, Barakaldo (Spain), Skopje.

Second Prizes: Kruishoutem (Belgium), Knokke-Heist (Belgium), Piracicaba (Brazil), Belgrad (Serbia) .

Third Prizes: Knokke-Heist (Belgium), Piracicaba (Brazil), Belgrad (Serbia), Rhodes (Greece).

Special Prizes: Istanbul (6), Skopje (3), Budapest, Gabrovo, Ukraine, 5 prizes of Excellency (Tokyo); The prize Kyoto Hall in Kyoto, Ohotsk (Japan).

Personal and group exhibitions at home and abroad.

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